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what is offf?

Eighteen years ago, OFFF was born to join talents, share creativity, and inspire. Today it has become the main innovative creativity Festival worldwide. OFFF takes place in Barcelona and tours the world in various cities.This year for the first time OFFF is coming to Tel Aviv.


OFFF is a community inviting all those who are eager to learn ,to participate and get inspired in a journey of conferences, workshops, activities and performances. Most of all it is a meeting point where collaborators, students and emerging talents join to get inspired and share new interests. It’s a combination of Offline/Online designers: Graphic Designers, Digital designers, Motion Designers, illustrators, Typographers, Photographers, Theorists, Professionals and Students. Putting the titles aside, OFFF is made for the curious.


Sit back and relax in the outdoor garden; Watch the speakers on a big screen, a cold beer in your hand and great company at your side.

The funzone is the place to meet new people, create conversations and share experiences and ideas.

offf yard

OFFF is not only what you see on stage. The Offf Yard is where you touch it, shmooze it, smell it and take it home.

This Marketplace offers an exposure to products all made and run by local creators showcasing their goodies.


Wish to make the experience even greater?

You will find a real treat in our workshops. Join a workshop to enrich your toolbox, learn new skills professionally and personally.

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