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Grab a piece of inspiration from various pop-up shops brought to you especially for offftlv - top selected designers & shops in special prices and very special treasures.

designer's treasures

offf yard

Founded in 2014 by illustrators and designers sisters- Gal & Tom

Melnick. Stolen goods produce bags, accessories, and apparel. known for our clean design, colors and original illustrative prints. mainly focused on comfort and individuality, and try to set a funny and weird atmosphere in the world. All products are designed, illustrated and produced in limited edition, locally and ethically. Each print is intentionally uneven, so every product is a unique and original piece, using mainly cotton and water based color.


Asufa is a shop for unique and creative design, all it products are the work of young Israeli designers. Asufa, as its name implies is Hebrew, is a collection. Collection of products, of talents, of inspiration and innovation


The Prettimess Collective is home to a group of artists and good friends who came from the world of illustration and contemporary design to work together on a wide variety of projects and platforms - from public walls through print, branding & fashion, to visual art and more. The brothers and sisters of the collective are independent, alternative creators each with unique views, style and rich history of making art, that create constantly both together and separately, domestically and all around the world.


Pulp specializes in premium stationary and designed products for your closest working environment. Emphasizing quality raw materials and simplicity in its urban design, Pulp caters to connoisseurs of style, accuracy, organization, and comfort. Pulp is built on a proud family tradition, great respect for craftsmanship and an ongoing collaboration with local artists and artisans.



Bvrly is a Tel Aviv based record shop that features a varied selection of new + second-hand records & tapes spanning house, techno, disco, hip hop, new wave, soul/funk, ambient and more. They stock lots of local labels and host regular in-store events. 

As well, Bvrly has a section of T-shirts and merch designed by shop owner and local/international friends and labels, alongside zines and art books.


Gelada is an illustration, design, production and culture collaboration studio, based in Tel Aviv.

We create our own tees, prints & other paraphernalia, designing them as souvenirs from destinations around the globe & themes that inspire us. 


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